The Alcimé association, which organises the Festival International du Film Music & Cinema acquired an experience in the field of the musical composition for picture and in the promotion of the young cinematographic creation. The various professionals meetings and grants to help the creation led by Alcimé to support producers, directors and composers, contribute to its influence.

Therefore, Alcimé participates in several collaborative projects in the European and international scale which is mainly developped in the field of training and education.



EPAS is a one-year intensive course in the creative potential of sound both of itself and as part of a multi media practice. The innovative curriculum emphasises the development of creative practice alongside technical craft and embraces research as essential in supporting self and creative development. EPAS is the shortened version of a planned but postponed two-year MA in Sound, with a certificate as outcome. The partners of EPAS Consortium are KASK, School of Arts Gent, HoGent, Belgium; NFA (Nederlandse Film Academie), The Netherlands; and ifs (internationale filmschule köln), Germany. The School of Sound, UK; ENSATT, France; Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains (Torching), France; Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, UK; Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, France and Film Fest Gent, Belgium are associated partners of the EPAS consortium. The consortium can invite other associated partners in order to optimize the education.

A steering group has developed the curriculum with the support of the European Commission. The group comprised members from Aalto University, Finland; Netherlands Film Academy, Netherlands; ENSATT, France; Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, France; Film Fest Gent, Belgium; ifs internationale filmschule köln, Germany; KASK and Conservatory / School of Arts Gent, Belgium; and The School of Sound, UK.


The International Master in Composition for Screen (InMICS) is a joint master’s degree programme dedicated to international students wishing to work as composers for audiovisual media. InMICS was created by a partnership of European and Canadian higher art education institutes and professional organisations in the field of audiovisual creation. This two-year programme give advanced students the chance to hone their skills, share their talents and develop their own personality and projects within an international, professional environment.

The study is for two years, at two of the four partner institutes. Each of the participating schools offers a specific teaching environment, and students study and work at two of the four schools. This gives them the ideal opportunity to fulfil their personal objectives and advance their professional perspectives. Each of the four institutions offers a different teaching approach to composition for visual media, with a specific focus on the medium and professional perspectives:

  • Conservatorio GB Martini Bologna: Electroacoustic Composition for Screen
  • KASK & Conservatory (HOGENT) in Ghent: Composition for Animation, Documentary and Video
  • CNSMD de Lyon: Scoring for Screen
  • Université De Montréal’s Faculty of Music: Composition for Video Games

InMICS has been developed to teach students how to manage the entire process of music creation for audiovisual media, from composing and recording the music to finding the right words to talk about visual art, as well as mixing the music and promoting their own work. What makes this programme unique is its international dimension, entailing a great diversity of aesthetics, cultures and teaching methods, the sharing of optimal practices and the exploration of innovative practices and tools.

InMICS included the InMICS Composers Lab program. This is a European project that gather three (film) music festivals from Belgium (Film Fest Gent), France (Festival International du Film Music & Cinema) and Poland (Krakow Film Music Festival). The students will be able to follow this in-depth training by travelling to the three participating festivals over the course of the two-year master’s programme, meeting each other for collective workshops, masterclasses and networking activities.

The partners
With support of Creative Europe.




The Festival International du Film Music & Cinema (MCFIFA) is a partner since 2017 of the European Short Pitch (ESP), an initiative aimed to promote the European short films production. It combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency and a coproduction forum bringing together scriptwriters, directors and industry professionals from all over Europe.
The partnership is to award a prize during the forum. The winner will automatically be invited to the MCFIFA to submit his/her project as part of the European market for film music composition in order to find a composer for his/her film.

European Short Pitch is open to creative teams developing international short film projects. It is therefore open to writers, directors, and producers. Writer-directors developing a project on their own are very welcome to participate in the programme. Yet it is strongly advised to already have nationally a production company interested or attached to the project, especially at the time of the coproduction forum.
The author's nationality or country of residence should be one of the member countries of the Creative Europe Programme.


As part of partner with Brussels Co-Production Forum, we attribute the Music & Cinema Award to one of the selected projects of the Forum. The winning project will be offered a selection to the European Market for Film Music Composition to find the composer who will write the original score for their feature film.

Organized by the BRIFF, the Brussels Co-Production Forum is an initiative that aims at supporting promising feature films in development and connecting them with potential partners. Created in 2016 with a focus on helping European producers with finding Belgian minority co-productions, it has been divided in two different sections:

  • Gap Financing Sessions : For european producers looking for a Belgian minority co-production or financial partner to close their budget.
  • UP: Up-and-coming Producers : For emerging producers with a first or second feature project looking for a co-producer or financial partner.