With local, national and international-scale initiatives, Alcimé sets out to promote and stimulate the creative vibes around film, music and sound. In this perspective, precise and continuous activities have been incorporated in the program.

Part of Alcimé’s mandate is to give access to the general public. They have the opportunity to attend movie screenings which are followed by discussions with the film crews.

All year long, The Dispositif Musique and the SIRAR allows for the emergence of young talent with committees getting together every 2 to 3 months to review financial aid candidates for film creation.

An internet portal created in 2011 ( is dedicated to film music composers. It is a social networking site which helps to connect composers, producers and directors.

Another way we strive to showcase young talent is via the Music & Cinema - International Film Festival of Aubagne. The Festival lasts one week in the month of March each year, and it is dedicated to young film creation as well as the relationship between music and sound for film. The Music & Cinema exposes young talent to training in the field, career development and networking opportunities.

An important component of the program is that of image-based educational programs and workshops geared towards an even younger audience. The Master Class for musical composition in film is a training program where young composers are mentored by professional composers during ten days. The Music & Cinema prepares the stage in order to encourage discussions through professional networking ateliers such as L’Espace Kiosque and the European market for film music composition, which promote a culture of rich dialogue.

Supporting the broad international distribution of young talent first works, creating a training environment and promoting cultural diversity are all intertwined priorities.

With the countless activities and the close-knit collaborations (Alcimé gets support from several partners including the SACEM, the CNC, the city of Aubagne, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council, the General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhônes, the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs, and the European Commission of the European Capital of Culture), Alcimé stands out as an essential platform for artists by federating and centralizing creative synergies.